cover pic for mavazi couture blog "Why Handmade" with models black and white women wearing mavazi couture handmade jewelry and knitted clothing

Why Choose Handmade?

When looking for something different that sets you apart from the rest. You can’t go wrong with handmade products.

Purchasing handmade goods gives you unique options , high craftsmanship  and the pride of supporting a small business.

Mavazi Couture creates Apparel and Jewelry  because of their passion for seeing people look and feel their best.

Pink, Blue and Orange Knitted Top with Denim Trim Materials: Acrylic and Denim made by mavazi couture

Handmade gives us the freedom to really tailor our designs to your personal style whether it’s our Jewelry,  Tie Dye or Knitted Apparel Collections.

Mavazi Couture takes our craft seriously and our pieces are always handmade with love.