What’s Hot at Mavazi ! White Jade

For a fresh clean look, Mavazi Couture enjoys using White Jade stones, it is a great stone to incorporate into your designs when you want to add some contrast between your stones and beads.

Because of it’s color, the stone is very versatile when matching it with other colored stones, it has a way of making the other colors pop and standout.

White Jade is a ancient stone that has been treasured throughout some cultures for centuries.

There are many different beliefs about the power of White Jade, many believe that Jade has both physical and mental healing powers.

Some believe that it will bring about prosperity, abundance and richness in life, bringing calm and positivity while ridding you of negative feelings,

But whether those beliefs about White Jade are true or not, We can not deny it’s beauty and how the use of it, inspires us to create some wonderful pieces.

White Jade combined with Tiger Eye is believed to increase inner strength and courage

We all can use a little positivity. So, if you want to get your White Jade fix, just pop by our online boutique to see what other pieces we have in stock for you. http://www.mavazicouture.com

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