What’s Hot at Mavazi : The Color Green

The color green is not always given it’s due and it can be underrated as a color, except around St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

It also gets a bad wrap because it is sometimes associated with greed, jealousy and cowardice.

However, Green has a lot of great attributes it gives off strong energy, it represents rebirth, renewal, hopefulness and in nature it’s our sign that spring is here.

Most of the time people shy away from the color because they say “ I don’t have anything that will go with Green”  But the great thing about Green is that you don’t need anything to match with it. Because green is a great accent color and can compliment pretty much any color you pair with it. Plus Green comes in so many shades that the possibilities are endless.

So if you are ever thinking about stepping out of your color comfort zone, think about giving Green a try.

You’ll have everyone Green with Envy !

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