What’s Hot at Mavazi: The Color Brown

This week Mavazi is spotlighting the color BROWN.

While Brown is not one of those colors that has a “WOW” appeal. Like a Yellow or an Orange color.

It is a color that has a complimentary and calming effect.

When deciding on your look for the day.

Try adding a little Brown to the mix like with a scarf or piece of jewelry.

This will to help bring out the other colors in your outfit.

Brown is also a great color to wear when you want to project a certain feeling.

Like warmth, stability, comfort and trustworthiness.

Which is a good reason to wear Brown to a job interview or while giving a presentation.

This not only gives you a look of elegance and sophistication, but can give you a look of honesty and sincerity.

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Live, Love, Mavazi !!!!


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