What’s Hot At Mavazi: The Color Blue

It is said that one of the most popular colors is Blue.

Maybe because this color represents so many emotions like “Having the Workday Blues” or “Singing the Blues”.

The awe and wonder we experience when staring up at a Bright Blue Sky.

Or could it be that feeling of comfort and confidence, when we are rocking our favorite pair of Blue jeans that fit us just right.

Delving into the meaning of the color Blue may give us the reason why this color invokes so many different feelings.

  • Dark Blue stands for Authority and Trust
  • Bright Blue Coolness and Strength
  • Light Blue stands for Peace and Serenity

Whatever the context, Blue is a pivotal color in our lives and in our fashion. Try a Navy Blue power suit, when it’s time to be the “Boss” or time to ace that interview.

It can be an accent color, like having a pair of blue earrings that are great “go to” earrings when you can’t decide.

Blue is definitely one of those staples colors that you cannot have enough of. So if you are in search of some Blue pieces to add to your collection stop by our online shop to see What’s Hot at Mavazi. http://www.mavazicouture.com.shop


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