What’s Hot at Mavazi ! Onyx Stone

Black Onyx Stone is a commonly used stone.

Having ancient origins, Onyx is believed to be a healing and protective stone.

Some fraternities, tribes and holistic healers incorporate Onyx into their rituals, because of what the stone symbolizes.

It is believed that Onyx protects you from developing bad habits, as well as keeping away negative energy.

Other properties associated with Onyx is that it sharpens your senses and boosts your courage.

We enjoy using Onyx in our designs because of the color and for the balance it brings to our pieces.

Using either a polished or matted Onyx stone definitely elevates the look of our creations and makes our work standout.

Incorporating Onyx into our designs is great a way for us to add more versatility to our pieces.

To create great looks like this one…….

In this piece we used a Matte Onyx stone to compliment the polished white howlite

Mavazi Couture bringing you positive energy and stunning looks

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Onyx, Glass and Cat Eye Earring and Necklace Set

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