What’s Hot at Mavazi! Mavazi for Men

When it comes to shopping and looking our best, women reign supreme. But we must not forget about the fellas, they deserve to stand out too.

So, even if he is all business or stylishly causal by adding the right necklace, bracelet or set of cuff-links you can raise the bar on his signature look.

Mavazi Couture loves to create distinct designs for men. However we also like to stay up on the current trends and surpass them by putting our own little twist on the latest looks.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

When reviewing the 2020 jewelry trends, some things haven’t changed. Pieces that are beaded, having a tribal vibe and made from natural materials are in style.

So we have created  signature pieces for men to take his look to the next level.

To explore our  designs for you can check out our shop at  www.mavazicouture.com/shop

You can also stop into Silver Legends at 2008 Walnut Street., Philadelphia PA 19103, where are pieces are also featured.

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