What’s Hot at Mavazi ! Lapis Lazuli Stone

In these times when we need a little balance, strength and calm. We decided to highlight a stone that symbolizes inner truth and power, so we went with the Lapis Stone.

Mavazi Couture enjoys using Lapis Lazuli stone because it has such a rich blue color.  Lapis usually has hints of other different colors blended into the stone  which makes it a really great stone to pair with beads and other stones to accentuate it’s vibrant color.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning:  The blue color symbolizes the sky, which has a high significance spiritual meaning. It is said that Lapis will help you stay calm, focused, while minimizing anger, so that you can concentrate easily.

We have created some bold pieces that exude confidence while complementing the hues of the Lapis stone.

Check out our site for more pieces with the Lapis Stone http://www.mavazicouture.com/shop

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