What’s Hot At Mavazi ! Howlite Stone

Howlite is not the most popular stone but surely is an interesting stone.

Howlite can be easily confused with other semi- precious stones like Magnetite and Turquoise.

This stone however is really a star in it’s own right.   

Howlite’s color in its raw form is white with black lines throughout.

But Howlite is sometimes dyed to give the appearance of other stones and to add a little variety.

This stone also comes in so many different shapes, making it a designers dream stone because of all of the flexibility that this stone offers.

For people who believe in the healing power of stones. Howlite brings stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness.

The Combination of Howlite with Copper is said to give more willpower during meditation.

Howlite with Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass

Howlite is a “peace” stone, believed to help you achieve peace and calm.

Now a days we all can use a little peace and calm in our lives, all while looking our very best.

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