What’s Hot at Mavazi : Cat’s Eye Stone

Cat’s Eye which sometimes gets confused with Tiger’s Eye has it’s own unique properties. Even though the shiny effect of both stones mirror each other . The array of colors that Cat’s Eye offers surpasses the options that you have with Tiger’s Eye. Plus Cat’s Eye has a bright color palette to choose from, which is one of the reasons we enjoy designing with this stone.

Cat’s Eye is a stone that can play multiple roles in your pieces. So, it can be a focal piece that draws a lot of attention, or when added with other stones helps to give you a nice balance of texture and shine.

The meaning of Cat’s Eye is positive energy and is seen as a protective stone.

  • Resolve~ Happiness~ Willpower~ Moral Courage~ Vigor~ Self Control

Because Cat’s Eye is said to dispel negative energy, this is one more reason we incorporate it in our designs.

Besides, who can’t use a little positive energy.

So, when you need bring on the positive vibes pull out your Cat’s Eye jewelry.

If you don’t have any Cat’s Eye or you just want some more , stop by our Online boutique to see What’s Hot at Mavazi!

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