What’s Hot at Mavazi “2020 Fall/ Winter Pantone Colors”

Mavazi likes to set our own fashion trends “Mavazi Style”.

However, we still like to stay current on the latest fashion looks, colors and fads.

That helps us continuously create items that are unique and timeless.

So, we took a look at the Pantone Fall /Winter 2020-2021 colors palette.

This season the colors are rich but not to overpowering.

The classic color palette is a very professional, this is the “about my business” look.

You can’t go wrong with these colors. This combo is office chic ready.

Mandarin and olive are definitely in season. These colors are not over bearing and add just the right amount of pop.

For those fashionistas who are trying to kick it up to the next level. There is a slighter brighter palette, including Ultramarine Green and Strong Blue. These colors are perfect for standing out and stepping out.

So, whether you follow the current fashion trends or follow your own fashion path. Stop by our online boutique to see What’s Hot at Mavazi !


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