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The Latest Trend at Mavazi: Necklace Sets!

One of the favorite things Mavazi Couture loves to create are necklace sets.

A beautiful necklace with a matching pair earrings can set the stage for whatever mood you are in.

From a special night out, to standing out in the boardroom. The right necklace set will keep all the attention and eyes on you.

Necklace and Earring set in green color on a black woman model

Sometimes you are feeling fun, fresh and flirty, so try a necklace with a lot of color and a lot of character.

multi color necklace and earring set white girl with blond hair modeling it for Mavazi Couture

When it’s time to dress things up, go for something with neutral or gemstone color with a little bit of sparkle.

Emerald color necklace and earring set worn by a black model for Mavazi Couture

When you want to get your message across wearing a customize necklace with a symbol,  let’s people know your vibe.

Stay Cute, Stay Classy , Stay Mavazi !
5 different Mavazi Couture Necklace and earring sets on a black bustier
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