Shout to the Ladies !!!

March is Women’s History Month and March 8th was International Women’s Day . So it is only right that we shout out the Ladies.

International Women’s day can be traced back as far as 1913, but it wasn’t until around 1975 that the U.N officially observed the day.

The U.S  doesn’t celebrate this day nationally, but there are events hosted throughout the U.S to observe the day. 

The official color for International Women’s Day  is purple.

You can observe rallies all across the world, with women coming together for equal rights, women’s health issues and other topics close to our hearts.

Throughout the years women across the world have been pioneers. Breaking records, achieving goals and paving the way for the younger generations. Excelling at politics, sports, entertainment and so many other endeavors .

So, let us not forget those past SHEroes and let us celebrate each other, while uplifting the little girls that will be our future pioneers.

Happy Women’s History Month !!!

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