Sunstone blog for new year 2022 feature pic for blog in orange and turquoise colors

Positive Vibes with Sunstone

As 2022 begins, what better way to start the new year than with positive energy.

So we wanted to highlight a stone that is not only beautiful but radiates good vibes.

So we picked Sunstone which is a beautiful shimmery stone that is believed to have very positive attributes and strong energy.

sunstone necklace and earring jewelry set

The semi- precious stone represents light, hope and positivity. And who can’t use a bit of positivity and a fabulous piece of jewelry all in one

It is a gorgeous stone that really sparkles the light,  even just wearing a simple pair of earrings will certainly catch attention.

sunstone earrings with gold trimmings
mavazi couture branding with a necklace and earring jewelry set with sunstone gem

So Stay Positive, Stay Cute and Stay Mavazi