Mavazi Spotlight: Silver Legends

As a small business owner collaborations and building relationships are a key part in being successful.  Mavazi has been really fortunate to have meant Leon from Silver Legends.

He has given us a place to showcase our talents and we are forever grateful.  He also has so many fantastic handbags that we had to use some of them in our photoshoot.  Handbag enthusiast need to beware, this boutique is the truth!

Hi, I’m Leon, welcome to the world of Silver Legends, where catering to your style is our priority, and every customer is family. Our brick and mortar boutique in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia opened 14 years ago, and since then we’ve made it our business to find stunning jewelry, beautiful bags, and accessories that will make you shine like a diamond, and stand apart from the rest. 

We’ve made it our business to find stunning jewelry, beautiful bags, and accessories

We pride ourselves on forming partnerships with local jewelry designers such as Mavazi Couture, as well as pieces found around the country, and in fact, around the globe. If you’re a handbag aficionado you’ll find that we offer beautifully designed leather and vegan leather styles of all shapes and sizes. Some fall in love with the supple feel, wear and beauty of natural leather, others prefer the easy breezy look of vegan leather, we love both, and don’t judge, lol! Stop in and see what we’re about. 

We also offer private shopping experiences.

Silver Legends 2008 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa. 19103. Find us on FB and IG at Silver Legends, visit our website,

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