Mavazi Spotlight: Sade Noir

When Mavazi has the opportunity to work with great talent, we have to shout them out. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Sade Noir………

The biggest hurtle everyone faces during the summer is exposure to the sun.

Yes, Sun Exposure!

While it is fun to enjoy the outdoors, it is also important to protect the skin from U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays which are both harmful to the skin. To combat these rays everyone should incorporate S.P.F. moisturizers into their skin routine.

Some things I personally use are moisturizers, primers, and foundations that have S.P.F. broad spectrum. These products that I mentioned make up the base of the makeup application.

Another important tip for protecting the skin from the sun, is keeping track of when the S.P.F. will wear off.

Typically S.P.F can wear off between 1 to 2 hours depending on the activities being performed such as swimming, relaxing, traveling, etc.

Now a great way to help keep the skin protected is to reapply S.P.F. right before the first application wears off.

Luckily, we do not have to take the makeup off to apply more moisturizer with S.P.F.

Instead there are other options such as powders or setting sprays with S.P.F. to protect the skin without compromising the beautiful makeup application. Because then that would be a huge waste!

Everyone who uses cosmetics are always looking for ways to enhance their physical beauty, but with these 2 tips not only will the application be beautiful, but also the skin will be thankful for being properly protected.

So, take good care of the skin by cleansing, hydrating, and protecting. 

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Make up by Sade Noir

Photography by Dannasphotography

Floral Head Pieces by Mavazi Couture

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