Mavazi Spotlight: Pantone’s 2020 Spring / Summer Colors

Spring is here and it is time to change up our closets and bring out the brighter colors.

This season’s color palette is light but not overly bright.

Colors like Coral Pink and Sunlight are more on the pale side versus being on the vibrant side.

Because these color aren’t as intrusive, you have more flexibility with mixing and matching your outfits to create different looks.

However,  if you still want something more subtle there are still classic colors like Navy Blazer and Ash.

So, as you select your spring and summer wardrobe don’t forget your jewelry and accessories to help pull your looks together.

Mavazi Couture has some fun one of a kind pieces that will have you setting the spring and summer a blaze.

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Floral Headpieces and Necklace created by Mavazi Couture

Pretty Photos by Danna’s Photography Follow on IG at @dannasphotography

Dynamic Make Up Artistry by Sade follow on IG @sade_noir

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