Mavazi Spotlight : Earrings!!!

We all have had that moment when we leave the house and we feel that something is missing. We clutch are earlobes and realize “Earrings” (YIKES) !

Why do we feel so naked without our earrings, could it be that earrings are the one accessory that can sum up our whole look?

A great pair of earrings can give life to a simple outfit, highlight your natural beauty, they can make a statement, tell a story and for some reason just brighten our day.

Many people have written articles on which earrings look the best with the shape of your face or with your hair style.

While this is helpful information, but really you should just wear what makes you feel good.

Chandeliers, Studs or a Simple drop, be playful and have fun with your earrings.

Earrings are the one accessory that you can never have enough of.  Because they are perfect for all occasions from super casual to full blown formal.

As you continue your earring journey, please stop by our online boutique to see what we have for you.

Small Fashion Tip: Try an all black outfit with a pair of bright and bold earrings, this is a great look for a happy hour, dinner dateĀ  or just a fun night on the town.

Online Boutique :

Photos by Danna’s photography IG- @dannasphotography

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