Mavazi Spotlight: Denim Dolls N Dudes

Mavazi Couture loves to Create Jewelry and Accessories, but what do you wear with these unique pieces? Well that’s were Denim Dolls N Dudes comes in, we collaborated with Denim Dolls N Dudes to put together some unique fun looks during our shoot and we look forward to many more projects together. Mavazi is happy to introduce you to Cheryl!

Denim Dolls N Dudes is a Fashion/Design Custom Clothier that specializes in uniquely inspired fashions infused with denim.  

We have designed and produced everything from a runway feel to everyday appeal and we strive to be sure that you are NEVER ordinary, but ALWAYS extraordinary. 

We don’t mass produce, but customize your individual desires for any size, any age in any style!  At Denim Dolls & Dudes, we create items that are classy and tasteful, timeless and versatile with not only uniqueness but also loads of style.

DDD Fashion Tip

Are you going out for a casual meet up with friends? You can never go wrong with black! Grab a pair of black bottoms, a white top and a piece of statement jewelry or a scarf for the neckline. Pair them up with a black  Denim Dolls N Dudes moto style jacket and a pair of Cherry Tomato pumps for a splash of color. Throw your keys in the camo clutch, a key trending print, and you’re set for the evening!

To see more of what DDD has for you contact us: 

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Instagram ~  denim_dnd
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