Mavazi Spotlight: Danna’s Photography “Selfie Vs. Head shot”

As some of us are currently stuck in our homes maybe reflecting on life, next steps and goals.  You may be mapping out the best way to present yourself as you embark on a new career, goal or project.  A good head shot can help showcase you in the best light making a lasting impression for you and your brand. Mavazi has enlisted Danna’s Photography to discuss why your should go with a head shot.

Head shot, what is a Head shot? The dictionary defines it as a Head shot, what is a Head shot? The dictionary defines it as a photograph of a person’s head and face. Definitely an over simplification of what a head shot is and can mean for professional actors, models and creatives of all genres. Head shots are a great way to introduce yourself and your brand to your potential client.

Does a selfie, however, qualify as a proper head shot. Quite simply, the answer is no. Selfies are great for fun and casual moments. Head shots are more than just a well lit image of yourself. Head shots should reflect the character and style of the client that I am capturing. Head shots for a lawyer or a doctor have a different dynamic than a head shot for an actor or make up artist or other type of creative.

Before you schedule a shoot for new head shots, always do a consultation. The consultation gives you and the photographer the chance to get to know you and your personality and see what your personal style is and you can collaborate to create an image that reflects your brand and personality. So think of the head shot as your visual business card. As a photographer, of course I relate to the world largely in a visual way. In reality so does the majority of the world, we look at the book because we are influenced and drawn in by its cover.

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