Mavazi Couture : Spotlights Small Businesses

As we continue to cope with our current situation, we see companies struggling all around us.

What we may not see, are those small businesses being impacted far worse than large franchises.

Small businesses play a huge role in our culture for they represent independence, entrepreneurship and possibilities.

During this time it is important to support small businesses not only to preserve their foot hold in industry, but to preserve the legacy that small businesses have provided.

Such as a more intimate shopping experience, that family like feeling you get when you shop at small business because you get a chance to actually meet the owner of the business, as well as a sense of pride knowing that you have helped a small business sustain their livelihood throughout the years.

As a small business as well, Mavazi Couture thanks you for the support you have shown us, we hope that you continue to follow and support us.

We also want to shout out some other small businesses that we support and work closely with.

Hair Care: A New Roman Era

Clothing Design: Denim Dolls N’ Dudes

Handbags and Accessories: Silver Legends

Photography : Danna’s Photography

And we have to shout out ourselves, so please stop by our online shop to see What’s Hot at Mavazi!

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