Mavazi Couture: “Self Care”

While the current state of affairs, is not ideal. It has caused us to slow things down, to some degree.

Plus, we have to contend with adapting to the constant changes, on how we navigate our lives.

As we continue to settle into our new lifestyle; the working from home,  the increasing family obligations and the limited access to the outdoor activities that we love.

Don’t forget that you still have to take care of yourself.

Self Care can consist of many things:

~ Taking care of your mental well being (meditating, unplugging for an hour or two)

~ Catching up with friends and family . (Especially that person that makes you laugh the most)

~ Start that hobby or project that you have been putting off (That feeling of accomplishment has a way of lifting the spirit)

~ Give yourself a facial or manicure (Gotta stay cute)

~ Taking time for yourself, to indulge in an activity that is completely focused on you (Watching your favorite movie, watching the rainfall, whatever helps you to relax)

~ Catch up on sleep or rest (Forget being a couch potato, be a bed potato)

~ Start planning that girl’s weekend or family getaway. So that you not only have something to look forward to, but once the times comes all you have to do is pack

~ Replace watching TV with listening to some slow jams with a glass of wine (Don’t forget to light some candles)

Just doing a little something special for yourself can work wonders for your soul.

If you decide you want to treat yourself with a little present, please stop by Mavazi’s online boutique to see what we have for you.

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