Live, Love and Mavazi!

Today is National Drink Wine Day.

Back in 2009 someone had the brilliant idea to start a holiday dedicated to wine and we salute that pioneer for creating a day for us adults to have a little sip.

While we are not promoting the consumption of alcohol,  we do want to acknowledge the day for those of us who do enjoy a glass or two or three….

Let the Celebration begin!

It has been said that wine has many healing powers,  like it’s good for the heart and lowering your cholesterol levels, so add some friends in the mix for a dash of laughter and you have a great recipe for a healthy heart and soul.

So what every your taste red, white or blush grab some friends, raise a glass and have some laughs.

And if you know Mavazi Couture, you know that we can’t just do the average,  so we also designed wine bottle stoppers, for that person who wants to add a little flare to their sipping experience.

We can also customize these for any special occasion or celebration.

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