Get that look black girl wearing knitted blue shawl hustlemania magazine

Get That Look with Mavazi: Stylish, Classy, Cute !

When we put this outfit together, we wanted to create something fashionable and cute.

That has an effortless flow with a very classic appeal.

The type of look that is perfect for dinner and a show with your significant other.

Or hanging out with your Bestie for a day of shopping and lunch.

We started out with one of our Crocheted shawls with matching headband.

The fringe on the shawl keeps the look fun and flirty, the electric blue color is an attention getter.

We added ripped jeans and red pumps for a modern youthful look.

We accessorized this outfit with a Mavazi Couture signature jewelry set and layered beaded bracelets.

Check out our online boutique to find your pieces to “Get This Look”.

This look is featured in October’s Hustle Mama Magazine.