Get That Look!

Having some neutral colors in your closet is a must.

Sometimes it can be hard being a BOSS ( Beautiful Observant Successful and Strong ).  Juggling a career, family, your social life and still trying to find the time to look fabulous. 

For a women on the go having some neutral colors in your closet is a must.  Because all you need to do is add the right accessories to your outfit and you instantly create a look that is both striking and professional.

We took this simple fitted cream dress and accessorized it with our handmade knitted scarf and necklace set , a small round metallic bag for a little shimmer and aviator sunglasses. By putting this combination together we came up with a look that is both corporate and cocktail ready. This outfit will have you going from the boardroom, to dinner and to happy hour all without having to bat an eyelash.

Check us out to Get that look!

Jewelry and Knitted Scarf By Mavazi Couture 

Hair Styled By A New Roman Era

Handbags & Sunglasses By Silver Legends

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