Headed to an exotic location or just to the beach for a long weekend. Don’t forget to pack some Mavazi Couture Tie Dye, Summer Knits and Jewelry. Our Designs are made to keep you looking effortlessly gorgeous. When you are trying to get some R&R you don’t want to put a lot of thought into [...]
By mavazion July 2, 2022
Everyone has their favorite season, and every season has a way of inspiring a certain feeling within us.  As Spring gets closer there is a feeling of renewal. Trees are starting to turn green again and daylight lingers around longer, and flowers blossom. And we begin switch out our hats, gloves and knitted scarves for [...]
By Nicoleon April 6, 2022
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are celebrating the many types of Love. Self-Love, Showing  Love, Receiving and Giving Love. Self-Love is essential and we get so busy that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. What better time than Valentine’s day to treat yourself to something special to remind yourself just how [...]
By Nicoleon February 11, 2022