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At Mavazi Couture we are open to collaborate and network with other artists, including mentoring others in their creative sphere.

*However, we are not responsible for any purchases or experiences you have with anyone that is not from Mavazi Couture.


Mavazi Couture

Mavazi Couture Beginnings & Mission

Mavazi Couture is the vision of long time friends Deidra Lemon and Nicole Young.


Drexel University Grads, Deidra and Nicole majored in design and have enjoyed many years of creating jewelry, clothing and accessories.


Both have experience in sewing, knitting, crocheting and painting. These skills have helped to add to the uniqueness of Mavazi’s Designs.


Couture specializes in high end fashion that can be worn on and off the runway.

Our Mission

As ‘Artists’ is to strive to continuously design unique items for you to enjoy and to express your personal style.

Mission For Our Blog

To provide a space in which to network, a place where we can collectively share talents and experiences. We hope that our blog will empower, inspire and motivate you.

Our Inspiration


Our Craft

Our magic of creation begins with sewing, knitting, crocheting and painting which transcends into a beautiful creation for “all” people to look their best.

The Mavazi Couture Brand

We are not just a brand, we are a community, a trend setter, artists for artists, we are women for “all” women, and much more.  Our goal is to inspire you to be your best, to support your aspirations, and to mentorship!


Our beautiful photos created by our photographer, Danna, owner of, to our models who are beautiful and gracious to support our artistic vision; Simone, Renee Michelle, Carly K, Ty Lewis, Bria Bryant, Kieva Brady, Dyvne Aaliyah, and Aia. Thank you straight from our heart!